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Meet the Trainer

“I became a positive reinforcement ​dog trainer because, as a dog owner ​myself, I recognize the unique bond ​that emerges from compassion, trust, ​and shared learning between us and ​our dogs. I am driven to help enrich ​lives on both ends of the leash.”


Professional Dog Behaviourist &

Founder of Composed K9 Training Ltd.

Our Services

COACHING sessions

In person training with ​you and your dog at your ​home or another agreed ​upon location

day training

Accelerate results ​through individual ​training sessions with ​your dog at home, may ​extend to other locations

virtual COACHING

Live Coaching Sessions ​can also be effectively ​provided online to fit ​your busy schedule

How It Works

St​ep 1:

Initial Consultation

  • 10 minute introductory call
  • 90 minute expert ​consultation with you and ​your dog(s)
  • in person or virtual
  • $157.50 + GST (plus travel ​fee as applicable)

Select a Training Package or ​book an Initial Consultation ​and we will design a custom ​package.

Ste​p 2:

Training Package

  • Combination of Coaching ​and Day Training Sessions
  • In person or virtual ​Coaching
  • Day Training at your home ​or other locations to ​provide confidence-​building opportunities
  • Session duration varies, ​generally 60 minutes
  • See Training Packages for ​pricing

St​ep 3:

A La Carte Sessions

  • Available once Training ​Package Sessions (Step 2) ​complete
  • Coaching and Day Training ​Sessions
  • Session duration varies ​based on your needs, ​generally 60 or 90 minutes
  • $105.00 per hour + GST ​(plus travel fee as ​applicable)

Additional Notes

  • You will receive a report ​card via email within two ​(2) business days of each ​session
  • Travel fee applicable for ​locations in the Extended ​Service Area shown on the ​Service Areas map here

Training Packages

We currently offer five Training Packages designed ​to serve the needs of you and your dog and ​effectively achieve your training goals.

Please click the links to each Training Package for ​more details and access to purchase. Pricing is per ​dog and includes an Initial Consultation and the ​listed number of sessions. Travel fee outside of the ​Regular Service Areas is additional, as applicable.

Unsure which Training Package may be the right fit? ​Book an Initial Consultation, and we will propose a ​Training Package or craft a personalized program ​tailored for your canine companion.

Service Areas

Travel included in per session rate ​for locations within Regular Service ​Area.

$25.00 + GST travel fee applied to ​per session rate for locations within ​Extended Service Area.

Extended Service Area

Regular Service Area

Featured Clients


“Hunter is always super excited ​to see Tim, and looks forward to ​his training. Tim is very ​knowledgeable and you can see ​how much he cares and enjoys ​spending time with Hunter.”


“River is a changed dog. He was ​so anxious on leash that it was ​painful to walk him...barking, ​pulling, aggressive with dogs. In ​came Tim Bruce and all that ​changed..[River] is miles ahead ​of where he once was. I enjoy ​my walks with River now.”


“My dog Theo just loved to bark ​at anything that moved and ​living in the townhouse that’s ​quite difficult. So with Tim’s ​knowledge and expertise [it] ​was amazing how we could get ​Theo to come to a point of ​relaxing.”​


How can you help my dog?

Positive reinforcement dog training prioritizes understanding and addressing a dog's ​emotional state and behavior triggers. Tailored strategies, exercise, and enrichment activities ​optimize success. With client cooperation and ongoing guidance, this approach fosters ​lasting behavioral changes, promoting a healthier and happier relationship between dog and ​owner. Collaboration with veterinarians may be necessary for complex cases.

Wh​y is it necessary to have multiple sessions?

Just as mastering any skill takes time and practice, so does teaching our dogs new behaviors. ​Through multiple sessions, we can gradually introduce and reinforce essential skills in various ​situations, ensuring your dog's behavior is consistent across different contexts and environments.

How many sessions do I need?

The number of sessions needed is influenced by the specific issues you want to address and ​the level of support desired. For complex behavior issues like fear and reactivity, or if training ​multiple dogs, a custom package is recommended. Unsure? Contact us before purchasing to ​discuss goals and your dogs' needs. Consistent at-home practice and ongoing training ​remain essential for success, regardless of the package chosen.

Pack of Dogs in the Field

Ho​w can I maximize my dog’s success in a session?

Avoid excessive exercise and playdates prior to the session. Schedule grooming and vet visits for ​after training, avoiding the night before or the morning of. Consider offering a partial meal or ​skipping a meal if the session is close to your dog's regular mealtime.

What distinguishes Coaching from Day Training Sessions?

During Coaching Sessions, I collaborate with you and your dog, alongside any family members you​ choose, to impart knowledge on canine learning principles and effective positive reinforcement​ techniques. We cover behavior capturing and problem-solving strategies. In contrast, Day Training​ Sessions involve one-on-one work with your dog, allowing for accelerated training without the​ need to explain methods to the client. By combining these approaches, we ensure consistent,​ goal-oriented training, expediting progress for both dog and client.​

Am I allowed to be present during the Day Training ​Sessions?

You're welcome to be home during the Day Training, however, I kindly ask that any questions be h​eld until the end of the session. This ensures maximum focus on one-on-one time with your do​g, expediting progress​ and results.

What if I have multiple dogs that require training?

If you have multiple dogs needing training, reach out to us and we will tailor a program to ​address their needs and your goals.

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